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Tqdk Fizika Testlerinin Cavablari 7 Sinif




Category: Books by Nickolas Coste hu:Fizika_Test_BankStudies on the C-terminal-regulated secretory pathway in cultured bovine endothelial cells. Fibroblasts are an important component of atherosclerotic plaques. The function of smooth muscle cells is to constrict the vessel lumen in response to a variety of stimuli. The endothelium, which serves to regulate vessel tone, is thought to be an important effector cell in this response. We studied the exocytic pathway in cultured bovine aortic endothelial cells. The C-terminal of a series of secreted proteins was tagged with green fluorescent protein and exocytosis was examined by monitoring green fluorescence. In other studies, proteins were labeled with radioactive or fluorescent amino acids and secretion was examined by cell-free translation of mRNA. In both cases, the C-terminal was found to be cleaved. Experiments using the secreted reporter protein, Insulin-like growth factor II, indicated that cleavage was most efficient after the fourth hydrophobic residue, thus placing this sequence within a consensus sequence for signal peptidase I. We were unable to identify a known kinase that was able to cleave the reporter protein. Alternatively, C-terminal cleavage could be catalyzed by an as yet unidentified endoprotease. A re-analysis of previously published microarray data revealed that in contrast to endothelial cells, the secretory pathway is altered in fibroblasts. In fibroblasts, there are three reported candidate endoproteases, but none of these cleave Insulin-like growth factor II. In conclusion, cleavage of a soluble secreted protein by signal peptidase I represents a mechanism to fine-tune protein secretion in a cell-specific manner.If you're enjoying our show, please take a moment to leave a 5-star rating and review on iTunes or your favorite podcast listening app. Here's the podcaster for this week: What is your favorite color? Hi there! I'm Tomi, an indie artist and marketer. I create all my own music (it's amazing), make podcasts (highly entertaining), and am the CEO of the web design and marketing firm GhostCommerce. In short, I'm a jack of all trades and a master of none. I enjoy all kinds of music, but I specialize in the eclectic stuff - funk





Tqdk Fizika Testlerinin Cavablari 7 Sinif

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